Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 01, 2009 UPDATE!

Hey there dudes,

I Just want you guys to know that I changed my website name from MMetalgRound Design™ to MMetalgRound Graphics™. The reason why I changed the name is because I'm not just posting my graphic design projects but also my photography projects, in which I'm more concentrating on. Don't worry I won't stop doing my designs I'm going to do some photography and typography designs from time to time.

One more thing, as you can see I also changed my website theme from my lavenderish version of MrForScreen's Dark Paper with a Domo Miku Header into a (RED)™ version of MrForScreen's Dark Paper with a Uchiha Itachi Header.

Last but not the least I might be posting some tutorials on photography and graphic design here on my website too so don't forget to drop by.

Please do drop me a message my email is mmetalground@aim.com

You can also find me on

  • twitter.com/matzrios

  • facebook.com/matzrios

  • friendster.com/matzrios

  • myspace.com/matzrios

  • plurk.com/matz30

  • youtube.com/matz20rios

  • darkmatz.multiply.com

  • geeks.pirillo.com/profile/matz


Matz Rios

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